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Indoor Fireplace Inspiration

With the first day of winter coming up this Friday, we’re definitely thinking warm thoughts here. Below are some of our favorite fireplaces for your design inspiration.

Fireplaces occupy a special place as a design element, also serving a purpose. In many homes, they act as a key focal point for the space, especially when TVs are placed above them. You’ll typically see a few main materials used: stone, wood and metal. Combining materials also makes for some interesting designs. 

Stone Indoor Fireplaces

Stone is popular for indoor fireplaces because of its customizability and durability. If you’re looking for a classic style for a fireplace, stone is the way to go.

You may automatically think of brick fireplaces, but there are also modern styles that make use of light, sleek stone like marble. While stone is classic, it is also easily adaptable to different styles. Take a look at some of these fireplaces below to see how stone works in a variety of room styles.

Light stone works well in transitional spaces.

Sleek, marble fireplaces enhance modern spaces.

Different sized stone for rustic or country spaces.

Different shades of neutral beige stone match just about any space.

Light slab stone is a great option for bright color schemes.

Wood Indoor Fireplaces

Wood is another favorite for indoor fireplaces. It gives a cozy, warm feeling when used in a mantel design. It’s also easy to carve different patterns into it, making it an artistic choice. Often, wood mantels are fashioned to match the walls and cabinetry of the rest of the room, leading to a more unified space. Take a look below to see how wood fireplaces fit into many different home styles.

A gray wood texture for modern spaces.

An unconventional mantel, this curved design is perfect for the funky makeshift “fireplace” of candles.

A dark wood mantel adds contrast to a light color scheme.

Sticking to one color scheme helps the fireplace blend into the rest of the room.

Wood mantels can be highly functional, with shelving and display area.

Metal Indoor Fireplaces

On the more unconventional side of indoor fireplaces is metal. High gloss metal gives an attractive sheen that helps the mantel stay the focal point of the room. Some industrial designs even make use of exposed bolts for a more rugged feel.

Metal also works around minimalistic, contained and modern fireplace spaces. The sleek design of the metal adds to the sense of minimalism. Here’s a few metal fireplaces and the home styles where they work best.

Mixed metal materials, gives an industrial look to the space.

A metal fireplace can be set into the wall to create just a hint of framing.

This funky modern space shirks traditional indoor fireplaces with a metal fire pit.

A full-wall metal fireplace adds sleekness to the room.

A simple wall-mounted gas fireplace.

Mixed Materials for Indoor Fireplaces

Mixing materials also works well for indoor fireplaces. For instance, the clean designs of painted wood and gray stone complement each other. Stone works well as an interior accent on a wood mantel.

Outside of texture, mixing materials is also a great way to work with color. Some styles use gray stone and white wood for a muted neutral look. Others use a warm wood and light stones for added contrast. Take a look below for ideas on mixing materials.

Neutral stone texture goes well with a white wooden mantel.

Textured stone is a great accent between the wood and fireplace.

The warm wood and cool stone creates a nice contrast in this off-center fireplace design.

The contrast of dark gray stone texture and warm wood design creates interesting geometry in this space.

Mix and match styles by using rustic stone on the inside of a fireplace and smooth wood on the outside.

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