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Monthly Archives: August 2020

    Getting a Mortgage with a Salary Drop

    By Sue Carter | August 24, 2020

    Salary Drop? You Can Still Get a Mortgage In uncertain times, it can be easy to sit back and worry your time away hoping things will work out eventually. Although worrying will absolutely give you something to do, it won’t get you anywhere. So if you’ve been wanting to buy a home or refinance this... Read More

    Understanding Mortgage Interest Rates

    By Sue Carter | August 19, 2020

    When you borrow money to purchase a home, you pay interest on that loan according to rates set by the market. Rates change all the time and are influenced by several factors. What Causes Mortgage Rates to Change? Bond Market Influence Bonds have a considerable influence on interest rates. In a strong economy, more people... Read More

    Choosing Interior Colors

    By Sue Carter | August 17, 2020

    A home is supposed to be a sanctuary, a place where you escape the chaos of everyday life. But sometimes those sacred spaces get pretty chaotic almost on their own. Maybe it’s clutter that’s overtaking your space, or maybe it’s something far worse: room colors that fail to harmonize. Repainting can be a big job,... Read More

    2020 Homebuyer Preferences

    By Sue Carter | August 11, 2020

    A recent study from HarrisX shows the current health crisis isn’t slowing down today’s homebuyers. Many buyers are accelerating their timelines to take advantage of low mortgage rates, and staying home has enabled some to save more money to put toward a down payment. Give us a call at 417-732-4900 today if your needs have recently changed and you’re ready... Read More

    Title Insurance 101

    By Sue Carter | August 3, 2020

    Title Insurance: What It Is, Why You Need It Buying a home is fraught with all kinds of peril, from home inspections that go terribly awry to negotiations that seem to go on forever and hinge on every little detail. But once you’re through all of that, you’re basically in the clear, right? For some... Read More