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2020 Home Decor Trends

Every new year brings new trends, designs and styles in home decor. With the start of a new decade comes a great opportunity to update your space. No matter what you’re looking to redecorate, the latest home trends for 2020 bring inspiration. From the Pantone Color of the Year to incorporating curves in a space, these eight home decor trends and quick tips offer easy home decor updates.

Home decor trends you’ll see this year

Black accents

Black continues to be a major home decor trend. Black is a strong and dramatic color which makes it good grounding element for contemporary and modern spaces. From incorporating a black sink in a white kitchen to adding a black wall in a colorful room, this color can change up your space. Black accents can also be incorporated in appliances like fridges, cabinets, countertops and accessories. For more contrast, combine black accents with a high contrasting color, like white — an always-classic pairing.  Black also offers the opportunity for increased texture in a space, such as adding in board and batten detail to a black or dark gray accent wall.

Ceiling space

Making use of ceilings is a great way to add details and layers into an interior. Decorate your ceiling traditionally with light fixtures or more drastically with wall coverings. Another home decor trend is adding wallpaper or a wooden texture onto the ceiling. This can bring unique patterns and layers to an interior. No matter how it’s done, utilizing ceiling space is a home decor trend for 2020.

“Classic Blue” by Pantone

When it comes to color trends home decor-style, you’ll want to know about the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue, which is similar to a deep navy. According to Pantone, the color highlights a “desire for a dependable and stable foundation from which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.” The Pantone Color of the Year is very influential, impacting many industries’ product development, purchasing decisions and design plans. With such influence, it is no wonder this shade of blue makes it onto the list of home decor trends for 2020. When it comes to decorating, Classic Blue is a versatile color. Add it as an accent like an area rug, pendant lighting, sectional couch or small accessories.

Curves and organic shapes

Expect to see more curves and organic shapes throughout the home such as architectural arcs, details in furniture like armchairs, sofas, mirrors and bathtubs. Organic, less angular shapes can also add a welcome softness to a commercial space. Investing in a curved sofa or a round chandelier adds an unexpected and welcoming element.  Keep an eye out for large, round mirrors, curved coffee tables and kidney bean-shaped console tables.

Natural materials

Homeowners are incorporating natural, raw elements into home decor and design. Raw elements include materials like plywood, rattan, hemp, jute, sisal and terracotta, also known as “humble materials.” The incorporation of these rougher-hewn materials meshes well with neutral color palettes and the emphasis on texture within fabrics. Weaving them throughout a home can add warmth, feelings of nature, and comforting textures to any style. Accent with natural materials in a variety of pieces like chairs, hanging baskets, rugs, lamps and flower pots.


Marble continues to dominate in home decor trends,  creating an impression of sophistication and timelessness. You’ll increasingly see marble incorporated into home renovations to offer sophistication and a feeling of luxury. Marble can find its way into even the smallest of details, like a mirror or lamp, or as grand as an entire wall or entryway flooring.


In a 1970s revival, velvet rules again as a home decor trend for 2020. With its pronounced texture, velvet has been a decoration staple throughout the years. It can be used in subtle or dramatic ways, adding a unique texture and color to any room. Try incorporating velvet in ottomans, pillows, armchairs and accessories, including combining it with other materials such as leather, silk and satin.

Vertical gardens

Houseplants have become ubiquitous in modern home decor and vertical gardens and green walls are a new iteration that we’re loving. Vertical gardens grow up and down, often supported by a trellis or fence. Inside the home, vertical gardens are a vibrant way to add shape, texture and color to a space. Outside, vertical gardens are a great way to either draw attention to an area or help disguise an unattractive view. Vertical gardens can also be combined with wooden textures, mirrors or other materials that provide contrast.

Quick tips for easy home decor updates

Updating your space does not mean you need to spend a lot of money and time. Besides learning eight home decor trends for the new year, here are four tips for updating your home without any professional help:
  • Put up removable wall decals Removable wall decals are an easy and fast way to personalize your space. Choose from hundreds of original designs to spruce up any blank wall. Name wall decals can add personality to your nursery or kids’ room. Backsplash wall decals can revamp your kitchen or living room. Add decals to a gallery wall to introduce some diversity of shape.
  • Swap out drawer knobs This little piece of hardware can make a big difference in the overall look of your furniture. Swapping out drawer pulls, handles or knobs is one of the easiest and cost-effective home decor upgrades. A popular kitchen update is to jump on the black accent trend with matte black cabinet accents.
  • Use accent paint While a fresh coat of wall paint updates a room, it can be a time-consuming project. For a quick change, paint something singular, like a door or one accent wall, in an eye-catching color, like Pantone’s Classic Blue.
  • Change your mirror location Repositioning an already-hanging mirror across from a window can create the illusion of increased space and natural light. This quick change the appearance of a room almost instantly.
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